We’ve renewed our partnership with KPMG

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We’ve renewed our partnership with KPMG

As one of our founding partners, we’ve been working together with KPMG since TQ launched in 2016. We’re very happy to announce that as of last month, we’ve renewed our partnership.

Just like in previous years, KPMG will continue to share its knowledge and innovative solutions with our community of startups, through matchmaking, presentations, and training sessions. Expect to see more hands-on and informative events at TQ, where experts from KPMG share their knowledge on accounting, tax, and startup growth.

Karina Kuperus, partner at KPMG and Head of Innovation & Digital, explained why the accounting giant values our collaboration: “Large companies are indispensable for startups to be able to develop, and vice versa – large companies need startups to be able to continue to innovate. For example, we recently entered into a partnership with TQ startup Katalysis, where we hire an intern that works at both parties, to share knowledge and skills between corporate and startup."

Likewise, TQ would not be where it is today without the continued support from founding partners like KPMG. Our Managing Director, Sophie Op den Kamp, said: “KPMG has access to a wide range of knowledge and influential customers that are a possible match for our residents. In this way, KPMG helps our residents with a network and expertise, and startups help them with corporate innovation goals. That connection is crucial for our success."

We’re looking forward to providing our community with more great events and perks, as a product of this collaboration.