Introducing TQ South: Our second Amsterdam space

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Introducing TQ South: Our second Amsterdam space

Over the past two and a half years, we’ve witnessed some pretty impressive, and at times, overwhelming growth at TQ. Flexport began with nine employees and left with 52. Scribbr and Tripaneer more than doubled in size. And we recently said goodbye to fashionTrade who outgrew our space.

However, our residents aren’t the only ones growing fast. We’ve been playing Tetris with desks in our own office for a while now. Our six-storey building is well and truly at capacity. But all this great growth proves our approach to helping startups grow definitely has a place in Amsterdam.

So, the time has come to find a second place to call home — a place that can evolve with us and our residents, as we continue to expand. And thankfully, we’ve found just that. As of May, we’re excited to announce you’ll find a new TQ in Amsterdam South — TNW’s second powerful space where tech companies go to grow. 

Still beaming from last week’s news that the Financial Times acquired a majority stake in TNW, I can't wait for this new chapter to begin.

Amsterdam’s unique ‘Tripolis’

TQ South, as we like to call it, is located at Tripolis: a set of three bold structures designed by Dutch architect, Aldo van Eyck. We’ll occupy the majority of one building, alongside our partner for this project, FLOW Real Estate. This is the first step of a much more ambitious vision for Tripolis, with the second phase commencing in 2022.

The building itself is quite unique, covered with wood and vertical windows. Inside, you’ll find open-plan offices, a shared workspace for early-stage startups, and a top-floor corporate innovation lab (more about that later). Decked out with furniture from Planq, Cutwork, and FÉST, residents will have everything they need to focus and work comfortably.

Residents can also expect the same convenient facilities as at our city location like parking, meeting rooms, private phone booths, and an events arena. And thankfully, those with window seats won’t be looking out into a concrete jungle. TQ South is surrounded by leafy trees and lush grass — perfect for downtime or community events in Summer.

Expanding our offering

While we’ve always focused on supporting the growth of startups at our city location, opening a second space gives us the exciting opportunity to expand our offering. We’ll now cater to scale-ups and early-stage startups as well, supporting tech companies much further through their growth journey.

At TQ South, we’ll provide generous offices for large tech companies like those that outgrow our city location. These scale-ups can fully customize their space, making sure they’re able to preserve their company’s unique culture within our community.

We’ll also offer affordable residency options for young startups with teams from one to five. This shared office environment is ideal for early-stage tech companies looking to grow ideas from the ground up or expand into the Dutch market.

Corporates and startups working side-by-side

One crucial thing we learned while building our first TQ is the power of startup and corporate collaboration. Working with our partners ABN AMRO, Google for Startups, and KPMG allowed us to see this potential first-hand.

Not only does our community benefit from having access to our partners’ strong networks and resources. Collaborating with startups also helps our partners stay on top of their game.

That’s why we’re building our corporate innovation lab — a space for corporate brands and government institutes to join forces with our startup community. From exhibiting new technologies to hosting innovation challenges, we’re excited to see the meaningful partnerships unfold.

More to come

With renovations well underway, we’re counting down the months, weeks, and days until the move. Not only are we excited to reply “Yes” when someone asks us whether there’s another TQ. We also can’t wait to apply all the lessons we’ve learned from the start in a new environment, surrounded by all the players in the field.

Working beside FLOW Real Estate, we’re expecting Tripolis to become a thriving area, buzzing with technology. With some more surprises up our sleeves, we’re looking forward to growing Amsterdam’s tech ecosystem even further. Watch this space!

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