Ryan Sturgill, Thor Muller & Judith Walker: Big Business in Challenging Regions

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Ryan Sturgill, Thor Muller, & Judith Walker: Big Business in Challenging Regions

Difficult environments attract the most inventive and stubborn of entrepreneurs. Limited recourses as well as economic, cultural, and political barriers make it harder to grow your business but easier to drive real innovation and entrepreneurship. Moreover, it drives a social impact in areas that need it most. This talk with Ryan Sturgill, Managing Director at Gaza Sky Geeks, Thor Muller, CIO at our former resident Off-Grid Electric, and Judith Walker, Director of Operations at African Clean Energy, discussed the pro's, con's, and power of doing business in challenging regions with entrepreneurs who don't shy away from a good challenge.

This article is part of a series of talks from our Growth Quarters stage at TNW Conference 2018. Like what you see? Check out what else you missed.

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