More than just finance


ABN AMRO is one of TQ's four founding partners.

They have their Startup Liaisons stationed at TQ, so they can help the community with questions about financial growth or connecting their product to the ABN AMRO customer base.

A brief history

ABN AMRO has a long history in supporting entrepreneurship. They believe the only way to help the startup ecosystem grow is to join the front runners and take an active role. After starting TSO (The Startup Orgy) with two young entrepreneurs in 2014, TNW approached ABN AMRO to help set up TQ in this former ABN AMRO bank building.


Being in TQ allows ABN AMRO to work with and learn from startups. This gives them insights to improve their services, develop new products and experiment with new business models and partnerships that have value for their customers, society and employees. They strongly believe that the needs of startups today will be the new normal in the market tomorrow.


You can approach ABN AMRO with questions about financing, bank products, for finding your next investor or new customer. They know that there is a feeling amongst startups that banks are slow and can't add value. And honestly, to some extent that's is true. But we they're changing this, one step at a time.


In 2017, ABN AMRO collaborated with tech legal startup Ligo (TQ alumni). Ligo's service was offered as an add-on during a ABN AMRO marketing campaign to all new SME business customers. This grew Ligo’s client base by 30% in three months.

​Credit card from the start

It's a fact that startups need IT services from day one. In the past, you could only get a credit card after one year. As of February 2018, and being the first bank in The Netherlands, starting companies (also BV’s) can now apply for a credit card from day one.

Starred x ABN AMRO

There are frontrunners working hard to get potential scale-ups what they deserve: a loan with a bank instead of losing equity to investors. That's what successfully happened with a number of companies already. Among them, TQ resident Starred. 

Get in touch

Marijn (Startup Liaison) & Mike (Proposition Marketeer) are active in the community on a daily basis, and are happy to help the community with any question. Reach out to them anytime!