Our partners

A great partner for TQ is one that shares the values of startups and wants to invest in the greater tech ecosystem. We believe that startups and established brands can bring each other great opportunities through collaborations.

TQ can connect you to the tech startup community through events, knowledge sharing and other initiatives. On a regular basis we run office hours, where we bring in experts from our partners to help startups with challenges ranging from product design to CRO, team off-sites where we connect you to relevant startups, and cozy fireside chats in our club. Together we look at how we can create the most value for our partners and residents.

We’re very happy to be already joined by some great partners. We’re honored that Google was our first partner (bringing along the Google for Entrepreneurs network) together with Booking.com (a local hero of Amsterdam), ABN AMRO (who’s been growing businesses for decades) and KPMG (who are hosting their innovation lab with us).

Would you like to become a partner of TQ? We’d be happy to talk to you. Reach out to us on hello@tq.co.