Communication Coaching with Energize Your Voice

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Communication Coaching with Energize Your Voice

For all startups, communicating, pitching and presenting both your company and yourself as an individual are essential skills for success. Whether it's closing that next round of funding or communicating well with your colleagues and partners, communication is a daily essential skill for all of us.

On 20th October, Minna Taylor - founder of NYC based communication coaching company, Energize Your Voice - is coming to TQ. She'll be holding a workshop exclusively for the TQ community to help you unlock your full potential when speaking about your business. 

In this 2 hour experiential workshop, we will explore the power of effective storytelling and communication skills in elevating your brand reputation. Why limit your brand potential because of ineffective story telling and clunky communication? Bridge concept to communication and let your community get inspired to spread your words.

The session will run for approximately 2 hours long, taking place between 15:30-17:30 on Friday 20th October - a great end to the week!

What you can expect...

- Exploration of storytelling through the lens of play and improvisation

- Improved audience engagement

- Enhanced presence and presentation skills

- Spotlight Q&A, ask your burning questions