Workshop: Pitching your Business

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Workshop: Pitching your Business

Pitching your business can be one of life’s great challenges. Reputations and brand success are at stake, audiences can be challenging, and preparation time is often limited.

And yet there are few other skills that can have a bigger impact on a startup’s success. It can make a difference when raising funding, developing partnerships, hiring amazing employees, and selling your product, service or company.

Pitching in a clear, relevant, and meaningful way for different audiences requires skill and insight. These skills can be learned and results can be transformational. Some of the world’s biggest brands rely on them.

 By the end of this workshop, participants will:

  • Know how to align their three critical brands – you, your tech, and your brand
  • Be able to define and build their personal brand
  • Learn ways to pitch their tech, service, or product to a range of relevant audiences
  • Know how to build a company brand that adds to the bottom line
  • Develop a convincing and irresistible elevator pitch

This workshop is aimed at anyone (and therefore everyone) who has to pitch to key stakeholders. It will be fun, highly interactive, and challenging, so come prepared with a pitch in mind that you can work on.


Nic Hallett is the Chairman and Head of Learning at Excel Communications, a world class learning consultancy based in London with a global training network. After a sales and management career in big corporates, he joined Excel Communications as a trainer, and then Managing Director. With an engaging, creative, and interactive style, he has trained people around the world, from startups to multi-national brands, on how to deliver a perfect pitch that always gets the message across. Today, Nic is one of Excel’s leading developers of teams and people; either as part of creating a high performance culture or managing the changes brought about by strategic redesign, mergers, and acquisitions. Clients include WPP, Coca Cola, GSK,, MSD, and many more.