Workshop: How to Implement OKRs with Google

by TQ


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Workshop: How to Implement OKRs with Google

Studies have shown that committing to a goal can help improve employee performance. More specifically, research reveals that setting challenging and specific goals can further enhance employee engagement in attaining those goals. Objectives and key results (OKR) is a framework for defining and tracking objectives and their outcomes. 

Google was an early adopter of the OKR framework and still implements it throughout the organization today; many tech companies and startups now use the OKR framework to set and achieve their goals. Using this model will help you and your company to:

  • Connect all team and individual goals to the overall goals of the company, creating better company alignment
  • Be effective in setting clear and specific goals
  • Manage achievement and execution with greater accountability and transparency
  • Boost individuals' engagement and empowerment through your goal-setting process
  • Increase insight and transparency across the organization

Through a combination of presentation and practical exercises in this workshop, we'll cover:

  • Introduction to the framework and theory of OKRs • How to implement this framework in your startup 
  • Creating a first draft of your company OKRs in the workshop

This workshop is the first part of a series on OKRs with Google. One week after the workshop, we'll host office hours sessions for participants to go through their company OKRs with an expert.  This session is aimed at founders / CEOs who wish to implement the OKR structure throughout their entire organisation. As OKRs is a framework that should be pervade an entire organisation, in this session you will work on company wide OKRs as opposed to goals for one specific team or department. We recommend attending the session with more than one person from your organisation to help brainstorm your new OKRs.


  • Bart Geerling was born and raised in The Netherlands and is the oldest Amsterdam Googler, joining almost 13 years ago. In those 13 years he has been working in several functions and worked with some of Google's largest and most sophisticated clients globally. Initially Bart worked on the media side of Google, later making a transition to Google's advertising technology called the Google Marketing Platform (formerly known as DoubleClick)
  • Wikash Tahloe joined Google almost 10 years ago. In those 10 years he has worked in 3 locations, Dublin, NYC and, now, in Amsterdam. He has engaged with the biggest, most savvy companies in the world on their digital marketing strategies, especially within the field of online video. In his first years, his key focus was on advertising sales on YouTube, but nowadays he is responsible for growing the video business with national/international broadcasters and publishers.