Weekly community-led mindfulness session

by TQ

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Weekly community-led mindfulness session

The world's a little confusing right now, and it goes with out saying that we could all take some time out of our endless days to check in with ourselves. For most of us, this is our first time working from home for extended periods of time, and the abrupt decrease in social interaction might have come as a bit of a shock. We're also navigating new work obstacles: managing our own time, staying creative and positive, and conducting productive and effective remote meetings. While now might be the best time to pick up some stress-releasing habits, we might not all be familiar with doing it on our own. 

That's why TQ is hosting 25-minute, community-led online mindfulness sessions. We'll start with a 5 minute check-in with each-other, followed by 15 minutes of reflection and meditation, and end with a 5 minute debrief. We encourage participants to share their best meditation practices and tools. Have you discovered a new sound app you want to test out? Let's try it during one of our sessions! 

Keep an eye on the #community channel in slack for a link to the session.