Webcrafters #39 - Work on your side project

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Webcrafters #39 - Work on your side project

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Webcrafters #39 - Work on your side project

The Webcrafters meetup is all about coming together to work on side-projects while we learning and connecting with others. Our aim as organisers is to give you (and ourselves) a regular, convenient way to learn something new and to get some focus time to practice new skills or work on side projects.

Webcrafters is open to anyone of any background and skill level. On any given meetup there are code newbies & hardcore hackers, pixel perfect designers & photoshop beginners, and everything in between. The common thread is that we like to get things done and like to help each other out.

We've also got a Slack group which we use as a hangout in between meetups. It's free to anyone to join, so don't hesitate and join us now

Make sure to bring your own laptop/sketchbook or something else to work on... Otherwise it's kinda hard to get stuff done. We provide enough sockets, WiFi and some refreshments.