TNW Answers with Nick Montfort

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TNW Answers with Nick Montfort

TNW Answers provides live AMAs with the world’s most influential thought leaders in business, design, and technology. This is an online event.

This edition of TNW Answers is with Nick Montfort:

Nick Montfort is a computational poet, a teacher, and a scholar of creative computing. His recent work is in computer-generated literature. His projects include seven computer-generated books that are in print with four different presses, with another book, Golem, in the works. He is editor of the first series of computer-generated literature in print, Using Electricity. His poetry and artwork consists of short, often simple, free/open-source programs, which others are welcome to study and remix. He works on platforms including the Commodore 64 and current browsers.

Montfort is also an award-winning author of interactive fiction, and wrote the first book on the history of this unique form. The MIT Press has published six of Montfort's books; both collaborative and individual. The Future is his most recent. Coming next from the MIT Press is a second edition of his book Exploratory Programming for the Arts and Humanities. Montfort is professor of digital media at MIT, where he directs The Trope Tank. 


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