TNW Answers with Guillaume Chaslot

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TNW Answers with Guillaume Chaslot

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This edition of TNW Answers is with Guillaume Chaslot:

YouTube, which has more than a billion users who watch over a billion hours of content per day, shows us limited data on the videos uploaded to the site including its number of views, likes, and dislikes — but the video-streaming sites hides more in-depth stats about each video, like how often it recommended a video to other people.

Guillaume Chaslot is working to change this. A computer programmer and ex-Youtube insider, Chaslot previously worked on recommendations at YouTube and is now fighting to bring more transparency to the ways videos are recommended to people.

After working at Microsoft, YouTube, and Google, Chaslot founded the website to analyze the impact of YouTube's AI on major societal issues. The online tool allows people to follow their recommendations, whether they're searching for videos about recent elections, mass shootings, science, or other general topics related to search terms Chaslot’s picked to analyze.


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