Documentary screening: In search of the Changemakers

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Documentary screening: In search of the Changemakers

From filmmaker and Director of the Dopper Foundation, Sander van Weert, comes a short documentary about Nepal’s water problems: In search of the Changemakers. This documentary gives insight into the water and plastic situation in Nepal, and into the pioneers who seek opportunities in problems and who work to inspire change... Those whom the documentary has titled: the change makers. 

Van Weert came upon these young Nepalese locals amidst trying to find the source of the potable water shortage currently crippling their country. While foreign NGOs such as the Dopper foundation have taken it upon themselves to attempt to alleviate this burden, the uncertainty still remains of whether or not their actions might be enough to affect substantial change. This question is addressed in the film, which also sheds light on the current water reality as well as the hidden warriors, at home, fighting to find a solution. 

This screening will also provide a chance to consider your participation in Dopper's international P.E.T FREE movement which aims to reduce the use of single-use P.E.T water bottles and plastic cups. By simply replacing these items with reusable mugs and glasses, your office can help achieve this goal. It starts at home... or the office! 


The Dopper Foundation was started with a clear mission: to create a world where people are more aware of the environment, where we work to actively reduce the amount of single-use plastic waste, and where everyone has access to clean drinking water. You might recognize their interestingly designed sustainable water-bottles, complete with a portable white cup. These water bottles are just one more way in which the Dopper Foundation is spreading its message about universal water access and sustainability. 

Come and enjoy a screening of this insightful documentary, followed by a Q&A! 

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