Raspberry Pi Jam

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Raspberry Pi Jam

What is Amsterjam?

Amsterjam is a meetup for Raspberry Pi enthusiasts and people that want to learn more about the capabilities of the Raspberry Pi in all of it’s forms based here in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. These meetings are commonly called a “Raspberry Jam” or “Raspberry Pi Jam” but we couldn’t resist the opportunity to call our particular meetup “Amsterjam”.


Show and Tell: If you want to see what is possible with the Raspberry Pi then we’ll have a number of demo’s running all day long. We’ll have some great projects on display from Twitter-powered, interactive light shows, to arcade emulators and even robots! If you would like a table to show-off your project please drop me an email on info@amsterjam.me

Workshop: Learn how to wire an LED light to a Raspberry Pi and program it to flash using the Edublocks graphical programming environment! Made possible with support from Kiwi-Electronics and CPC!

Pi Wars Demo: Coretec Robotics and Pimoroni have supplied us with a set of Raspberry Pi Zero powered, Tiny-4WD robots equipped with balloon holders and poppers. So grab your controllers and be ready to fight! The aim is to attack your opponent and pop their balloon while keeping your own balloon safe! It’s great fun and anyone of any age can take part!

The team at PiBorg have also sent over one of their awesome robot rovers which we’ll have on display for you to play with (that’s if it’s not plotting to take over the country!!)

Game Zone: The Pi Hut have supplied us with everything we need to get a Raspberry Pi powered 4 player retro gaming rig which we’ll hook up to the large projector at our venue. We’ll be running four player classics like Bomberman, Mario Kart and many more! Parents – time to show the kids what real gaming looks like!

Presentations: Jaap Meijers will be joining us to explain how he upcycles retro TV screens with the Raspberry Pi to serve a variety of purposes in the retail world! Jason Gwartz will be back gain performing live with Sonic Pi!