Quiz night at TQ City: January edition

by TQ

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Quiz night at TQ City: January edition

It's time for another healthy dose of competition! On January 21, TQ City will host its bi-monthly Club Quiz. We'll have 6 rounds of tough questions, from a wide range of topics. Team up with your friends and sign up right here. Join us in the club from 18:00 -- we'll begin the quiz around 18:30. 

House Rules

  • No phones: if we see any phones, the penalty is severe. Not only do you have to sing a song on the microphone, but your points from that round will not count. 
  • Snitching: see someone else on their phone? Call them out! If it's true, you'll get an extra point.
  • Prize for the winning team: a bottle of bubbly!  
  • You won't be able to bring in your own drinks, but we'll be happy to serve you drinks and food all night long to keep the brain juices flowing!
  • Important: it will only be possible to have one bar tab per team (not individually) -- this must be paid off on the night.

Sign up here to join us on January 21 at TQ City. See you there!