Product School with Google, WeTransfer & eBay

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Product School with Google, WeTransfer & eBay

Product School is excited to announce their very first edition of  their meetup in Amsterdam; the aim of which is to bring together bright minds to give talks that are product-focused and on a wide range of subjects. 

Speakers will include Joost van Hoof, product manager at Google; Ratidzo Felicia Zvirawa, product lead at WeTransfer; and Nikolay Yaremko, product lead for Admarkt, the international advertising platform for Classifieds at eBay.

Seats are limited so please make sure to RSVP! 


  • 18:30 —   Doors open
  • 18:45 —   Words from our sponsors & Intro to Product School 
  • 19:00 —  "Making the Unloved Loved: Lessons Learned from Nest Products" by Joost van Hoof 
  • 19:30 —   Break
  • 19:40 —  "Solve the right problems: Working with your Designers + Developers for Product Magic" by Ratidzo Felicia Zvirawa 
  • 20:10 —  "Driving Fundamental Product Change" by Nikolay Yaremko 
  • 20: 40 —  Networking & Drinks
  • 21:00 —   Close 


  • Joost van Hoof, a Product Manger at Google, helped launch the first generation Nest Learning Thermostat in Europe. Nest makes the unloved loved and keeps the customer at the center of everything they do. In this session Joost will share the stories behind Nest’s products. The lessons from these stories can inspire the design process of both hardware and software.
  • Ratidzo Felicia Zvirawa has a passion for technology and the ability to provide solutions that make life better. She has a strong belief that the best products are built from an understanding of the core problems and needs of the customer. Rati is currently a product lead at WeTransfer, a digital platform that builds workflow productivity tools for creatives. Having worn multiple hats at different companies, she approaches product with a deep understanding of the push and pull a PM faces from all sides, including business, customer, and technology. In this session, she'll walk you through her journey of lessons learned on how PMs can structure their teams for continued success whilst focussing on solving the right problems.
  • Nikolay Yaremko is the product lead for Admarkt, international advertising platform for Classifieds in eBay (you might know Marktplaats, 2dehands, Kijiji brands). During his almost 20 years in the industry, he played each and every role in developing novel mass consumer products; now he drives change in a well-established eCommerce platform.


  • Mobiquity, a sponsor of this event, is a digital engagement provider that strategizes, designs, builds, and optimizes data-driven solutions for more than 200 leading brands around the world. We are a collective of unique individuals - over 600 employees spread across 3 continents and 10 offices - with a mission to humanize digital experiences. 

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