Workshop: Practical Strategies for Inclusive Hiring

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Workshop: Practical Strategies for Inclusive Hiring

An inclusive work environment which represents diverse talent has been proven to have significant benefits on the performance of organizations. Despite this, organizations are failing to access representative talent because they have not created the right processes and strategies. During this session, we will discuss what can be done and changes you can make which will have immediate impact on your recruiting results immediately. The session will involve a combination of presentation and hands-on exercises.

About the speaker:

We'll be welcoming Seb Butt to lead this session. Seb is currently helping to scale business across Europe at data start-up Craft. Prior to this, he started and grew Engage Infotech, an executive search firm focussed on the technology sector where he championed a number of inclusion initiatives working with tech firms to put strategies in place. Seb is also leading Future VC, an internship program launched in summer 2019 focused on supporting diverse talent into venture capital.


  • 14:00 - Walk-in
  • 14:10 - Introductions
  • 14.15 - Overview of the problem & case study
  • 14.30 - Group exercise
  • 15:00 - Strategies that work for inclusive hiring
  • 15.20 - Q&A