Workshop on Posture with Ogimi Health

by TQ

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Workshop on Posture with Ogimi Health

With burnout and work-related disorders on the rise, it's no surprise that health and well-being in the workplace are hot topics of conversation in the Netherlands. Ogimi Health is conducting research with the goal of more effective methods of prevention within the workplace environment. They work to build connected and healthy organizations by creating inclusive and accessible healthy habits. 

In this two-part workshop, Nadia Labort of Ogimi Health will teach up to 20 people about how to achieve healthy posture. The first session will take place on 16th August, 15:00-15:30, and introduce you to "neural posture" and will cover:

  • Posture as a foundation of movement 
  • Common misconceptions of posture 
  • The posture "learning curve" 

The second workshop will take place the following week on August 23rd, also 15:00-15:30. After a week of trying out some exercises taught in the first session, the second session will focus on flexibility, movement using "neutral posture", and will teach you:

• How to maintain good posture in a variety of postures
• Movement exercises designed to help you achieve good posture.


Nadia Labort is an Australian trained Physiotherapist and Exercise Physiologist, certified as professional ergonomist (AEP)® with a passion for functional, effective and practical movement. She "believes health should be in the hands of the individual, and strive to assist my clients with the skills to understand their own bodies, both how to prevent injuries, and manage the ones that come along".