Ogimi Health Workshop: How to set up your work station

by Ogimi Health

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Ogimi Health Workshop: How to set up your work station

Ogimi Health is on a mission to help you build connected and healthy organizations by creating inclusive and accessible healthy habits. These free 30-minute Ogimi Health Workshops bring you relevant health and well-being information from industry professionals and experts. 

The aim of this workshop is to provide TQ members (maximum 15 people per workshop) with information on how to confidently adjust their own workstations. The workshop will provide education and awareness on the following items:

  • Health and safety risks in office work 
  • Adjustment of chair and desk (sitting and standing)
  • Good posture 
  • Position of screen, keyboard, and mouse 
  • Use of laptops 
  • Importance of breaks and movement

There will be time at the end for a Q&A session. 


Ines Fernandes is a Human Movement Scientist, certified as a Professional Ergonomist (AEP)® who is passionate about finding creative solutions to help people work and live with a healthier lifestyle. She achieves this by designing workplace interventions that promote healthy habits, reduce stress and burnout, and prevent injuries. Her ambition is to raise awareness to the best ways to use one’s body during operational tasks in order to increase productivity, allowing for efficient and safe work practices.