Office hours with Newion (VC) on fundraising

by TQ

Office Hourse Rick Pastoor Blendle

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Office hours with Newion (VC) on fundraising

Acquiring the right knowledge to grow your startup is hard and time intensive. To help you grow your business, we invite experts to share their knowledge with our community. Office Hours brings you the insights to operate more effectively by learning from the best. In these 1 on 1 sessions, you can ask for advice on any challenges you’ve been facing.

For this session we’ve invited Herman Kienhuis from VC-firm Newion to help you with fundraising.

He will give insights into:

  • Sources of funding
  • The fundraising process
  • Investor readiness
  • The investor’s perspective on fundraising

Challenges and questions he can help with include:

  • What different sources of funding exist, and how to choose the right source of funding? 
  • What criteria do investors use to assess startups? What are red flags? 
  • What does a fundraising process entail and how to prepare for it? 
  • How to find and connect with relevant investors?

About the speaker:

Herman Kienhuis is an experienced tech investor with a background in strategy and digital product development; having worked in digital media, telecom, and venture capital for 20+ years. He founded SanomaVentures and angel syndicate River Venture Partners, built KPN Ventures into one of the most active corporate investors of the Netherlands and recently joined investor Newion as partner. Newion is an Amsterdam-based venture capital firm, founded in 2000, focusing on early-stage (seed/Series A) investments in B2B software companies in North-West Europe, with €150m assets under management.