Office Hours with Google on Google Cloud

by TQ

Google office hours

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Office Hours with Google on Google Cloud

Finding the right knowledge to grow your startup is hard and time intensive. To help you grow your business, we invite experts to share their expertise with our community. Office Hours brings you the knowledge and insights to operate more effectively by learning from the best. In these one-on-one sessions, you can ask for advice on any challenges you’ve been facing.

This time we've invited Michiel Vanthoor, Cloud Customer Engineer at Google. He's working with companies to help them leverage Google Cloud Platform. Topics that you can discuss with him are: 

  • CI/CD 
  • Kubernetes 
  • Other cloud native technologies
  • Big Data/ETL/Machine Learning related topics

He's leading the Google Cloud for Startups program for the Benelux region, so he's also happy to help you with that!