Office Hours on talent acquisition with LevelUp Ventures

by TQ

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Office Hours on talent acquisition with LevelUp Ventures

On 12th January, Aik Deveneijns, founder of LevelUp Ventures, will be coming to do office hours on optimizing your talent acquisition. LevelUp Ventures specializes in supplying startups with the right talent to help them grow, and turning startups into hiring machines. 

He'll address the following topics in this session:

  • Vacancy writing - structure, and conversion optimization
  • Bootstrap job posting channels
  • Sourcing - Finding tech & non-tech
  • Reachout & engaging talent
  • How and where do you approach talent? (please don’t only say ‘Linkedin’)
  • Selling your opportunity / culture / office (spoiler: it’s not ‘work hard, play hard’)
  • How to optimize your metrics in recruiting