The neuroscience of digital distractions

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The neuroscience of digital distractions

Do you ever find yourself putting your phone down and then picking it up five minutes later just to repeat the same Facebook scroll you just completed? Maybe you find yourself doubting your knowledge of a familiar route and checking with Siri even though you've managed to find your way down the same path before, without her. We are in a period of continual and rapid technological advancement. If there wasn't one before, there's probably an 'app for that' now. Though these advancements have been undoubtedly valuable, they are also constantly challenging our brain's ability to remain focused and to make decisions independently.  

How do we cut the cost of these distractions while also taking advantage of these important technological tools? 

On November 13th, Dr. Anastasia Dedyukhina will present her TEDx talk, "Neuroscience of digital distractions" here at TQ. She will explore the physiology of these significant cerebral developments. Using the latest neuroscience research, she explains just why our devices are so irresistible and how they are impacting our ability to think practically and make good decisions. Dr. Dedyukhina also uses this research to suggest ways in which you can battle these distractions, making it easier for you to: make decisions, stay focused, get a good nights rest, think clearly and creatively, and ultimately manage your own free-time. 


Dr. Dedyukhina speaks from personal experience when giving this TEDx talk. After recognizing her own dependency on her smart phone, she ditched the device while in the middle of her senior international career in London. Today, she acts as a business mentor, supporting ethical tech startups, and runs a tech-life-balance consultancy, Consciously Digital, helping companies and individuals be more productive and less stressed in an age of digital distraction.

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