Mischief Makers Facilitation Course

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Mischief Makers Facilitation Course

The Mischief Makers facilitation course is a 6-week part time training to become a master in designing and delivering interactive and engaging work sessions. 

Companies are recognising that collaborative working and creative confidence are incredibly powerful - but throwing people into a room and saying 'make' doesn't cut it. Facilitators are the key to navigating processes effectively, efficiently and most importantly - enjoyably! They unlock potential in people and projects, engage conversations and make sure you really get things done.

In this course, you join a group of 15 multidisciplinary participants to be trained in the art of facilitation. Together with experts and peers, you will discover different facilitation techniques and enhance your unique style in how to run engaging meetings, workshops and events.

This course is already underway, but stay tuned for the next course coming later this year.


Mischief Makers is a facilitation agency focused on collaborative working and the power of creativity, designing workshops and programs that shake things up to unlock potential.

If you have a tech startup of your own and are eager to attend events tailor-made to help you grow, you might be eligible for residency. Apply now — if accepted, you’ll be surrounded by the best.