Product-Led Growth Meetup with Miro

by Miro and TQ

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Product-Led Growth Meetup with Miro

Product-led growth is becoming a go-to business methodology — more and more companies are transitioning from being sales or marketing-led to product-led. This approach allows companies to better satisfy user needs and scale faster as products are the driving force behind acquisition, engagement, retention, and expansion.

During this meetup, Miro's CEO, Andrey Khusid, and Head of Product, Anna Boyarkina will share lessons learned from building hyper-growth product company. They'll cover topics around business models, product discovery, building product teams, and processes and product culture in a live Q&A session.

The event will be interesting for product leaders, researchers, designers, team and company leaders and everyone who is interested in building global product companies.


  • 18:30 - Walk-in
  • 18:45 - General intro from TQ
  • 18:50 - Introduction to the topic from Miro
  • 19:00 - Interactive discussion with the audience
  • 20:00 - Drinks in the club
  • 21:00 - Close


  • Andrey Khusid is serial entrepreneur, Co-Founder and CEO of Miro. Founded Miro in 2011 and grew the company to 200+ international professionals in various departments across 4 offices.

  • Anna Boiarkina is Head of Product at Miro. Joined the company in its early days. She helped to grow the product and build product processes and product culture at Miro and now is focused on building the international product team. 

  • Vlad Zelinskiy, Head of Product Design at Miro, passionate about design and creative leadership, grew the design team at Miro and brought a lot of new big features for Miro users. 


Miro (formerly known as RealtimeBoard) is a product led company, and the leading visual collaboration platform for cross-functional teams that create new products and services. With 200+ employees spread between 4 offices across the globe (including Amsterdam), Miro has 3 million+ users and 12k+ paying customers globally and grows 300% per year. Last year Miro was funded by Accel ($25M series A).