Millennials & Burnout with 3310 School

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Millenials on the balcony at TQ

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Millennials & Burnout with 3310 School

Everyone's always talking about how millennials are going to change the world as we know it, disrupting industries and founding cutting-edge startups. With endless examples from the past few years showing us that anyone can create the Next Big Thing, and social media showing us non-stop footage of seemingly "perfect" lives, it's no wonder millennials are feeling the pressure to succeed. 

If you feel like you're never doing enough, or don't yet know what you want to do, you're not alone. The mounting pressure piled on millennials' shoulders means the risk of burnout has never been higher.

But don't worry - there is something you can do about it! Want to understand why you feel this way and how to free yourself before it all gets too much? Come along on 6th October to hear from Wing Yan Man, founder of the 3310 School for Millennials, for a talk on millennials and burnout - and how to prevent it. 

Wing will give us a short 30 minute presentation at 5pm, before the regular Friday drinks in club. Grab a drink and join us!