Masterclass: The maverick mindset

by The 10 Procent Club

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Masterclass: The maverick mindset

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Why do we need a Maverick Mindset?

Have you ever thought: “Why is this the way we do things around here?”

In today's society, there is subtle but enormous pressure to conform to the norm. The influence from our social, cultural, and physical environment dictates for a large part how we behave and think (or at least how we ought to think and behave). Fascinatingly, some people not only break free from that pressure, but also become leaders by creating a new way of thinking and doing, and get others to join, elevating the whole team. These people are the mavericks.

This unconscious request to conform is even greater in larger organizations, putting pressure on original thought, seeing new risks and possibilities, and on personal motivation and fulfillment. Organizations need mavericks to stay on track, to be agile, and survive.

We, ourselves need to be more maverick, so we can fully live our life in line with our deepest aspirations and at the same time be the most valuable to the community.

This masterclass covers:
• The 3 psychological principles about how to free your inner maverick while working in a larger organization.
•The different degrees of freedom and impact you can attain in a constrained situation.


Peter Clausman has a background in sociology. He joined Rabobank as a Corporate Management Trainee, where he witnessed the crisis while working on the exact product that caused it. This sparked his intention to change the bank from within.

It was the beginning of a journey through powerlessness, frustration, triumph, being misunderstood, learning, and finding ways to have impact. He learned about the role of the maverick - the one who breaks the status quo. After his last job at Rabobank in the Strategy and Innovation team, he left the bank to set up the School of Mavericks. Here he helps, trains, and coaches professionals to become leaders for change in line with their deepest aspirations. He uses his work experience combined with his experience in mountaineering, aikido, tango, and deep understanding of human interaction and behavior. More information:


We see a wave of young professionals struggling to retain their originality and creativity within their corporate job. At the same time, this group is highly driven to make real impact within their role. But to shake things up, they need inspiration, energy, and originality.

The 10 Procent Club enables this by bringing a community of ambitious corporate talents together every other Friday for creative workshops and inspiring talks from business leaders.