Masterclass on cloud computing & setting up your AWS environment

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Masterclass on cloud computing & setting up your AWS environment

Cloud Computing solutions like Amazon Web Services allow startups to get their product up and running within minutes, cutting out the need to make large investments of time and money in managing hardware. In addition, as a company grows, so too does the need to have a scalable infrastructure. This can be achieved through the use of cloud computing.

This Masterclass will help startups prepare their AWS environment for future growth. By the end of this session, you’ll have deployed your application on high-available, scalable infrastructure by leveraging containers and the serverless compute services provided by AWS.

This Masterclass is beginner-intermediate level, suitable for developers who’ve seen the AWS console before, but do not yet feel comfortable setting up their environment. It will take place over the course of 4 weeks in October, with classes on Tuesday evenings from 19:00-21:00. After each class, you’ll be set "homework" to complete before the next class. Below you can find a detailed outline of the course content. 


The Masterclass will be led by Remie Bolte. Remie has more than 10 years experience helping companies to create and maintain a high available, high performance architecture for their applications, both using on-premise and Cloud computing solutions. He has worked with Amazon Web Services since 2009. Apart from his background in operations, Remie is also active as developer. This combined interest is reflected in how he looks at systems architecture and allows him to help companies achieve the architecture that is best suited for hosting their application

Schedule & Content Overview

Session 1 - 30 October

  • Overview of Amazon Web Services and introduction into the AWS Console and API. 
  • How to configure a basic computing, networking, load balancing and security setup in Amazon Web Services.
  • Homework: setup your own AWS environment with a VPC, private and public subnets, cloud computing and a load balancer.

Session 2 - 6 November

  • Discuss output of first session. 
  • How to deploy a serverless corporate web site to Amazon Web Services with S3, CloudFront, Lambda and API Gateway.
  • Homework: deploy the example application to your AWS environment.

Session 3 - November 13

  • Discuss output of second session. 
  • How to deploy a dockerized microservices application landscape to ECS / Fargate / Kubernetes on AWS with a managed database on RDS and additional services like ElasticSearch and ElastiCache.
  • Homework: deploy a dockerized application to your AWS environment.

Session 4 - November 20

  • Discuss output of third session 
  • How to evaluate the application landscape as created in sessions 1, 2 and 3 and discuss how this would work in a real life application, including how to leverage auto-scaling to support growth. 
  • Quick overview of cloud formation tools and system configuration management on AWS, some more examples on how to work with AWS incl. best practices and tips on how to save money. 
  • Wrap up drinks on the house!

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