Making Agile Work for You

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Making Agile Work for You

Are you interested in how you can use an Agile mindset to serve your team? And, would you like to understand how this mindset can provide a cornerstone for collaboration that can boost your business regardless of whether you're a startup or corporation? If so, join this session where we'll be hearing from Melanie Wessels from and Pieter Paul van Oerle from Index who will be talking about making agile work for you. 

Leadership @ Melanie Wessels 

Melanie will be exploring: What does leadership mean to you? At we believe that the secret to true agile leadership lies in servanthood and humility. If you want to create an engaging, stimulating and empowering work environment, put the interests of your people at the center of what you do! Curious to hear more about leadership at Booking and how we approach our aim to be the best place to work?

Using startups as your agile incubator: Pieter Paul van Oerle from Index 

Next we'll be looking at this from a totally different angle with Pieter Paul, who will be talking about using startups as your agile incubator and offering a deep dive into the depths of corporate and startup collaboration and how they can be mutually beneficial. Innovation can be boosted through partnering with the right startup or company at the right time. Pieter Paul will share his insights based on his experience as both an entrepreneur and a corporate innovation consultant. 

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