Kinder's Fashion Swap Party 

by Kinder

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Kinder's Fashion Swap Party 

The environmental and health issues caused by the Fast Fashion industry are unparalleled. This is your chance to take the first step into making the fashion industry a little bit better, and at the same time clean out your messy closet.

Kinder is organizing a Fashion Swap Party, where you can hand in your ‘ unwanted’ items and trade them in for hidden gems and fabulous finds. These items might go unnoticed in your bursting wardrobe, or you are simply filled with regret when you see them hanging with tags still attached. Time to give them a second chance, because, for someone else, they might be the find of the century. After a fun night, we will all go home with the same satisfied feeling you get returning from an utterly successful shopping spree… without the guilt! Get ready for some slow fashion!

For all of you that are doing The Slow Fashion Summer challenge, which has started June the 21th - this is allowed!

Please collect your items and drop them off (before the 16th of July) at the TQ reception desk or at the Kinder office and ask for Anna. 


Keep in mind that there will be a lack of fitting room space, you could wear something under your clothes that will make fitting less uncomfortable (shirt/leggings). Also remember to bring your own (reusable) bag for your new items.


You can bring clothing, accessories and even shoes (no lingerie or socks please). Bring as many items as you like, but a minimum of 3-5 items will make the party more fun! 

Make sure your items are clean, intact and still wearable (preferably ironed) During the evening you can pick as many items as you bring to the party. The items that haven’t been picked, will be collected and donated to thrift stores.


Everyone is welcome, regardless of your shape, size or gender. Do note it will mostly be female items. 


Kinder is her to disrupt the complex world of charitable giving. They would like to restore trust in the charitable sector by making donating easier, more effective, and more rewarding, ultimately nudging charitable organizations towards improving their performance.

Note that the door will be closed at 18:00 so if you arrive later than that please give Anna Bijl a call - 0622393436.