Kinder Conversations: The Sky has a Limit

by TQ and Kinder

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Kinder Conversations: The Sky has a Limit

Kinder Conversations is a series of events which delve into the biggest issues facing the world. Following the investigation into the Future of Meat in February, Kinder have turned their attention to the sky. Kinder believes greener travel is one of the key ways in which we can tackle the climate crisis. Traveling green can mean a lot of things, but right now their concerned about the aviation industry. 

Did you know if aviation were a country, it’d be a top 10 polluter, and C02 emissions from air travel are growing many times faster than any other form. We’re already in a very dangerous position, and although there are many potential solutions, we sometimes feel overwhelmed and uncertain about what to do about it.

At the Sky has a Limit event, Kinder has invited experts to discuss whether air travel can be more sustainable, and how. They’ll be bringing together representatives from research and technology, the aviation industry, and the not-for-profit sector to talk about sustainable air travel. We’ll hear more about the problem, and a lot more about the solutions.

Plus, there’ll be time to get a drink from TQ’s bar, try some vegan ice cream, and chat with fellow travelers about the steps you can take to travel greener.

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