Influentials Masterclass + Workshop

by Influentials

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Influentials Masterclass + Workshop

Are you ready to create online visibility for your brand and do you want to develop skills that others don’t have in your industry?

Then you should go to the Influentials Masterclass + Workshop. Nowadays, it is all about knowing your customers and building a relationship so they can trust you. But how? Through influencer marketing, you can reach a certain niche and are able to contact your target audience directly. Did you know that 92% of consumers used to trust influencers rather than an ad?

It’s time to get started with influencer marketing! During an intensive afternoon, you will be trained to become an influencer marketer.

The following topics are discussed

  • What is influencer marketing
  • Why is influencer marketing so popular
  • 10 steps for a successful campaign
  • 5 tips for ‘The Art of Matchmaking’
  • You too are an influencer
  • The rise of micro-influencers
  • Why Influentials
  • Workshop: Create a campaign yourself

This event is in Dutch.