How to Streamline Your Marketing Efforts with Google Data Studio

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How to Streamline Your Marketing Efforts with Google Data Studio

With the number of different digital marketing tools available increasing every day, it can sometimes be difficult to know where to start, which tools to use and how to track your marketing efforts. Running digital marketing campaigns across multiple platforms can be hard to follow, and sharing the results with your team is also usually a time-consuming process. With these challenges, the following questions often arise:

  • How can I have all of my digital marketing insights in one place?
  • How can I stay focused on the most important data?
  • How can I speed up reporting processes and share data among team members?
  • What can we use to save time during the campaign process?
  • Can we cut some costs along the way?

In this short talk, TQ member Uros Slekic has invited Nikola Tomovic, founder of digital marketing agency NUL Apps, to share his insights and tactics for streamlining your marketing efforts using Google's Data Studio - a one-stop digital marketing platform. This free tool is positioned to become a central hub for all digital marketing data, by integrating Google and third-party tools in one place using real-time data dashboards. The session will answer the questions above and will include a demo of how the tool is used in a case study. 

Join us to hear from your community members on how to use Data Studio to streamline your efforts!