How to reach your audience with PR

by TQ

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How to reach your audience with PR

TQ member, Aaron Mirck, is a PR advisor for startups. In this session, he will be giving an introduction to PR and discussing how you can use the press to reach your audience. 

He'll share: 

  • The 101’s of free publicity
  • Some best and worst practices
  • How to think like a journalist
  • How to build a long-term relationship with the press.

This talk is aimed at content marketers, founders & growth hackers who are thinking about using the press to reach a bigger audience, to launch their startup, to stay top of mind for their audience or become thought leader in a certain industry. There will also be time at the end to tackle some of the PR challenges of the attendees of the session. Get real and actionable feedback on how you can spread the word about your startup!