How to learn anything three times faster

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How to learn anything three times faster

Author and entrepreneur Florian Rooz will be bringing a completely new way of thinking about education and innovation to the table. Extreme Learning is a universal, step by step method which applies to any and every skill and as much to people individually (personal development) as to companies (innovation).

What is extreme learning?

Extreme learning is a technique similar to speed-reading or free-diving. Speed-reading lets us increase our reading speed about 2X by learning to read in two directions. Free-diving is a set of techniques which massively increase the human ability to stay underwater without pressurized air tanks. Some free-divers can stay underwater over 4 minutes. 

Extreme learning is a similar type of skill set. It is a set of ideas and techniques which enable any person or organization to massively increase the speed at which they can master any skill or innovate.

About Florian

In 2018 Florian lectured at a.o. Tesla motors, Ahoy Rotterdam, the University of Utrecht, the OBA and is slated to speak at KPN and Space-x later this year. He is the owner of a company with over 10 brands in a wide range of markets like Kroon gallery and Blue Rose saxophones.

Join us for this one hour workshop where Florian shares how you can integrate this skill into your everyday life.  

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