How to impress and inspire in real life

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How to impress and inspire in real life

How many times have you actually gotten stuck in an elevator with your hero or someone with the power of investing millions in your concept, right there on the spot? And, how many times have you been told to perfect your elevator pitch; the sixty second speech which, in movies, lands you the dream job every time? This concept seems to grow more obscure day after day especially with the introduction of technology to the business world. What we might have once established in person, has now been outsourced to the internet - an intricate web of online networks and profiles, such as LinkedIn, help us appeal to employers and coworkers before we even meet them face to face.  

While it's certainly important to consider the advantages of a solid online presence, it's still crucial to remember that - whether in an interview or mingling at a networking event - the impression you make in person is lasting. Building a foundation for a strong relationship is based on goodwill and trust, which are established beyond the screen. 

On Nov. 20th, 3310 School for Millennials - in partnership with vocal coach, Joep Hegger - will hold a teaser workshop at TQ. Though not the full workshop, this session will give a glimpse into strategies, which are meant to  teach you how to inspire in conversation using tools you always have in hand.  


3310 School for Millennials runs classes for the millennial generation hoping to equip them with the tools to succeed in life in an ever-changing digital age. This session is organized in collaboration with vocal coach Joep Hegger, founder of The Vocal Coach. After achieving great success with a series of workshops in Amsterdam and Berlin together, 3310 is happy to continue this partnership with Joep to help people find their confidence simply by utilizing the tools they were born with. 

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