How to create high performance teams

by TQ & Inflow Management


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How to create high performance teams

Good leadership and teamwork are essential elements for any team to be successful. For small companies that are scaling rapidly, great leadership can act as a sustainable competitive advantage that can take you to the next level. But high-performance teams don't just build themselves, and getting this right remains a tough challenge for many companies, especially those with many first-time managers.

On 12th November, we're inviting Marco Broccoli and Emanuele Neri to run a customised and interactive session to help you tackle this problem. We'll start with a half-day workshop which will go in-depth into the topics outlined below, and in the afternoon you'll have the opportunity to sign up for a 1:1 session with Marco to discuss your specific challenges in person. If you can't attend the morning session, you're still welcome to sign up for an afternoon 1:1 session.

In the morning, we'll cover:

• Understanding when teams are necessary
• How to create a high-performance team
• Team coaching and intervention
• Solving team problems

This session is appropriate for founders, team leads, and managers responsible for team creation and management, who want to improve team performance. If you're a first-time manager, come along to learn and refine some essential skills.

There are limited spots for this session (max capacity 15), so sign up now!


Marco Broccoli has a passion for helping companies and teams achieve their goals. Starting as a software developer building Flash games and introductions 15 years ago, then moving into developing products people want. With experience in managing technology organisations that build new products in highly volatile areas, he gained knowledge on how to help teams sustainably create great products.

Emanuele Neri earned a Laurea degree (Master) in Electronic Engineering from the Sapienza University of Rome, a Master of Business Administration by The Open University in London, and a Certificate of Coaching and Positive Psychology by the University of East London, London, U.K. He worked with a number of telecom companies in Italy until 1992, when he joined the European Space Agency, where he held engineering and management positions in several space programs. He recently left the Agency in 2019, and is now working as a coach and mentor.

Together, Marco and Emanuele founded Inflow Management, where they help organisations build strong teams with the right people.