How to add project structure to your startup

by Structured Start

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How to add project structure to your startup

Incorporating structure and implementing project management techniques can be extremely valuable. Not only do they help you to save time and money during your product or service development, they also help with planning your product delivery, identifying where you need to focus your attention, and how to react to any unexpected outcomes thrown at you. However, with so many techniques out there, it can be difficult to know where to start. 

During this talk with Richard from Structured Start, you'll be introduced to the key aspects of the project delivery framework and get an overview of the different methods available to see which one(s) are best for your startup.

Richard will be covering the following tools and techniques:

  • Planning Tools: Introducing the key project management tools for scheduling, budgeting, and quality control. Participants will get insight into their importance, including the constraints and interdependencies they have. Toolsets covered: business canvas model, milestone planning, and work breakdown structures.
  • Delivery Framework Selection: Explaining the differences between two leading methods: Agile and Waterfall, and sharing insights on how and when they are most effectively applied. 
  • Risk and Issue Management: Showing how scenario planning can go a long way to avoid unforeseen costs and longer timelines to deliver - surprises are only welcome on birthdays and Christmas…
  • Communication and Stakeholders Management: Clear and effective communications are key to your project success - during the talk, you'll gain insights into how to manage teams and partners internally and externally, covering the most useful comms channels.


Richard Duncan is Digital Project & Product Delivery Expert, and Founder at Structured Start, where he helps startups and corporate teams learn how to implement project management structure into their own environments. He previously worked at BP for 17 years, delivering projects and programs of work with values ranging from $50k – $15m, and is accredited by the Project Management Institute.