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Hiring Boost

Finding and hiring the right people is an ongoing struggle for many, and the best candidates often come from personal referrals. With such a large and connected community, we want to leverage this to help find the best candidates for the open positions at TQ.  We're teaming up with Easteregg.io, community referral platform and TQ member, to hold our second Hiring Boost. 

What is a hiring boost?

We're inviting everyone from TQ to get together for an evening to see who they know in their network that may suit a vacancy at one of the TQ companies. We'll sit together to browse LinkedIn, Angel List, Github, Dribble, Twitter - you name it - with the goal to find great people in your network for other startups in the building.

What you get:

At the core it's about helping a fellow startup out and helping someone find a great opportunity. But there is more: 

  • Complimentary food and drinks during the event
  • The chance to win a prize if your suggested hire joins. (Each job vacancy will have an associated prize... a night away in London, a boat trip, a fancy dinner etc.)

Pretty awesome, right?

Is your company hiring? 

To keep the session focussed, we have a limited number of slots for vacancies. Ping @wout on Slack and he'll get you setup!

Everyone is welcome to join. As long as you're committed to help out. Sign up here to get involved!