Hands-on Workshop: Green ICT in Practice

by ICTFootprint


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Hands-on Workshop: Green ICT in Practice

Purpose & Scope

Getting to grips on what Green ICT is not an easy task, but the concept of Green ICT touches all our lives and brings together two relevant themes concerning the present, future of our current world, technology and the environment. Nevertheless, just as many other things that we do every day, ICT has an environmental impact and much more than we care to realise and admit so raising awareness to help reduce its impact is key.

This is why the ICTFOOTPRINT.eu project is putting together a series of hands-on workshops, around Europe to raise awareness on what Green ICT is for companies to engage with tools and services that can make us more energy efficient in ICT and to allow a platform for policy makers to introduce actions as part of national digital agendas to help us make a better sustainable world for our environment and for the business environment we work in.