Growth Quarters at TNW Conference 2018

by TQ & Google for Entrepreneurs


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Growth Quarters at TNW Conference 2018

This event will take place during the TNW Conference 2018. Read more about our Growth Quarters stage, in partnership with Google for Entrepreneurs.

Fuel your growth

While it’s easier than ever to start a company, what’s getting harder than ever is to grow that company exponentially. Growth Quarters is designed to reveal the growth techniques and technologies being leveraged by the industry experts behind the growth of some of the world’s most successful companies, the TQ community and members of the GfE network.

Speakers will focus on topics to do with rapid startup growth, enlightening personal growth, and sustainable societal impact. Are you interested in learning how to design a seamless mobile experience? Is your HR strategy optimized for diversity and inclusion? What can you do to protect your customer’s data from hackers and legislation? How can you make a social impact with your business? Should you use machine learning to optimize your dev processes? All these questions and many more will be answered at Growth Quarters.


Here's what we'll be exploring on the Growth Quarters stage:

Startup Growth:  Resources at young companies are limited. So how do you make sure you’re prioritizing the right ones for guaranteeing exponential growth? We'll explore the art of balancing the key components: product, development, design, marketing, and your team.

Personal Growth: For more than a decade, authentic leadership has been touted for it's ability to enhance long term results. But what does it mean? We'll explore the techniques and benefits of being mission driven, long-term focused, and above all self-aware and genuine.

Social Impact: Research shows that diverse teams perform better financially, and that consumers are prioritizing authentic companies making a real difference. Growth Quarters will help you understand how you can contribute to communities and your ecosystem.


Joining us will be expert speakers behind the growth of some of the world’s most successful companies. Think Des Traynor, Co-founder and VP of Marketing at Intercom, Didier Rappaport, Founder and CEO of Happn, and Axel Bard, former Global Head of Markets at Spotify.