Growing a team from 200 to 800 with Adyen, KPMG, and

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Growing a team from 200 to 800 with Adyen, KPMG, and

Over the last few years, KPMG has worked closely with Adyen to solve the challenges that arise due to exponential growth. Maikel Lobbezoo (Head of Product Development at Adyen) and Thom Ruiter (Head of Treasury stream Adyen) will be sharing how growth has impacted both their product and their team processes.

We'll also be hearing from another Dutch unicorn:’s Emmanuel Goossaert (Manager Software Development). He'll share the lessons learned from managing multiple teams responsible for the performance and reliability of large infrastructure systems. 

KPMG who've seen and actively helped companies in this process will also share their learnings in guiding the growth phases of their clients. 

This TQ Special event will be moderated by Galyna Ignatenko, Senior Consultant Scrum master KPMG and nominee of the Technology Playmaker Awards. 

At the end of the talk, there will be time for a Q&A and networking drinks sponsored by KPMG.