Founder Fireside: The Rollercoaster of Raising Funding

by TQ

Founder Fireside

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Founder Fireside: The Rollercoaster of Raising Funding

At TQ's Founder Fireside, we highlight people who've founded successful, growing companies and invite them to share those important details that'll help the next generation of founders get to where they are.

For this edition, we'll be talking about the rollercoaster of raising funding with Pekka Villto, Co-Founder of Rundit, Jacqueline van der Gracht, founder of My Dialogues, and Maxim Romain, co-founder of Dott. 

We'll begin the evening with a talk from Pekka who is going to share his experiences in building investor relations, mostly focusing on the bad experiences. He'll share what he's learned and how these learnings can be turned into great experiences, so that you don't make the same mistakes. Pekka says: "If I had appreciated my previous investors more, I would be a millionaire.” 

Following this talk, we'll move to a panel discussion with Jacqueline, and Maxim, to further discuss the topic. The panel will be moderated by Pekka. Finally, we'll end with audience Q&A before having drinks in the club. 

Spots for this event are limited. Don't miss out!


  • 18:30 - Walk-in
  • 18:45 - Intro from TQ
  • 18:50 - Introduction to the topic and talk from Pekka
  • 19:10 - Interviews with 3 founders on the topic
  • 19:45 - Audience Q&A
  • 20:00 - Drinks in the club
  • 21:00 - Close


  • Pekka Villto is a well-connected serial entrepreneur of 20 years. He is a Co-Founder of Rundit - Investor reporting and communication platform. Rundit’s mission is to help the companies ease their reporting load and to build a better relationship with their investors.
  • Jacqueline van der Gracht has worked in the field of SME´s and corporate business for years. Her focus is on new business, innovation and people and she is always looking for new developments and possibilities to improve the dialogue between companies and between companies and consumers. Communication is the key in every successful enterprise and finding the right communication tools is crucial, whether they are used to ensure an ongoing dialogue, to gather real-time feedback from customers, or support education and training.
  • Maxim Romain, CEO & co-founder of Dott: Carbon fighter. Maxim started his career in Decathlon, spending much of his career (8 years) in South East Asia in Operations. Joining Wayfair at an early stage, initially in a 5 person team to become VP for it’s European business, from 5 to 800 employees (7 years). After leading Chinese bike sharing company ofo EMEA, along with co-founder Henri Moissinac (former senior executive and early employee at eBay, Facebook, Uber, ofo) they had the market insight, and felt they could execute against rising competition. Dott is founded in Europe, focused on Europe and initially raised €20m at lead by Naspers & EQT, with Axel Springer, DN Capital, Felix Capital and strategic individuals.


  • Rundit is a founder-friendly investor reporting tool. Their mission is to enable private growth companies to succeed and get financing, albeit so many fail before their fifth birthday. Rundit enables and encourages the startup-investor ecosystem to share data in a standardized way through one platform
  • My Dialogues BV is hosting and developing a platform that facilitates the dialogue between people and brands/businesses. Using smart mobile technology our platform facilitates insights for brands and influence for people. People decide which brands to connect with and which data to share. Brands now have their platform with the audience that matters to them and wishes to share opinions and experiences.
  • Vibrant inner cities, free of cars and pollution. This is an ideal we can all get behind. And we at Dott believe we can make that happen, by offering our dockless, shared electrical scooters and bikes as alternatives for short-distance travel. Along with a highly responsible and sustainable approach! Founded in October 2018, Headquartered in Amsterdam Dott raised an initial €20m at lead by Naspers & EQT, with Axel Springer, DN Capital, Felix Capital and strategic individuals. Dott currently operates in France, Belgium with further expansion to our teams and operations in the coming days and weeks.