Founder Fireside: Company Culture & Employee Engagement

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Founder Fireside

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Founder Fireside: Company Culture & Employee Engagement

At TQ's Founder Fireside, we highlight people who've founded successful, growing companies and invite them to share those important details that'll help the next generation of founders get to where they are.

For this edition, we'll be talking about Company Culture and Employee Engagement with Debra Corey, author of Build It; Lars van Wieren, founder of Starred; and Willemijn Schneyder, founder of SwipeGuide. We'll begin the evening with a talk from Debra about employee engagement, during which she'll explain the Engagement Bridge and why it's so important to have all elements in balance. Following this talk, we'll move to a panel discussion with Lars and Willemijn, founders of Starred and SwipeGuide, to further discuss the topic. The panel will be moderated by Debra. Finally, we'll end with audience Q&A before having drinks in the club. 

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  • 18:30 - Walk-in
  • 18:45 - General intro from TQ
  • 18:50 - Introduction to the topic and talk from Debra
  • 19:15 - Interviews with two founders on the topic
  • 19:45 - Audience Q&A 
  • 20:00 - Drinks in the club
  • 21:00 - Close


  • Lars van Wieren, the founder of Starred is an experienced entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Over the years he's developed strong skills in business development, e-commerce, entrepreneurship, interpersonal skills, Software as a Service (SaaS), and Google Analytics.
  • Starred's team likes to work smart: working smarter to build great software, and working with smart companies who listen. As the feedback solution which puts the respondent first, they’re empowering conversations between companies and their customers, employees, and candidates. What’s more, they equip them with the actionable insights they need to make better decisions and boost loyalty. With leading brands like Deliveroo, Heineken, and Spotify already working with Starred to bring feedback to life, the road ahead for better feedback is looking good.
  • Willemijn Schneyder, founder and CEO of SwipeGuide, has curiosity engrained into her DNA. Growing up in a family of engineers, she saw the frustration caused by traditional work instructions, first-hand. In 2016, Willemijn seized the opportunity to become a tech entrepreneur and revolutionize the way we capture knowledge. Since then, she’s dedicated her career to driving an international digital transformation in fin-tech and manufacturing. In her free time, Willemijn wakes up early to run in the Dutch dunes.
  • SwipeGuide is the new industry standard for effortless work instructions. The intuitive platform allows companies like Heineken and The Ocean Cleanup to standardize operating procedures to improve task execution and reduce downtime. Machine operators and field service engineers get the knowledge they need, when they need it, on mobile devices and smart glasses. The SwipeGuide team provides enterprise companies with the tools and expertise needed to drive continuous improvement.
  • Debra Corey, our moderator, is the author of two best-selling books, ‘Build it: The rebel playbook for employee engagement,’ and ‘Effective HR Communication,’ where she’s shared her expertise and learnings to help and inspire others. Debra speaks and provides assistance on a wide variety of topics relating to employee engagement, culture, reward and recognition, and anything and everything in between which impacts creating an engaged and productive workforce in this new world of work that we all exist and compete in. 

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