Finding, Hiring & Onboarding Your Team with Google

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Finding, Hiring & Onboarding Your Team with Google

Building a strong team is one of the key ingredients to startup success; in one survey, venture capitalists attributed 65% of failures within their portfolio to “people issues,” compared to 35% due to product, functional or market problems.

To help TQ residents navigate and avoid such “people issues,” Tawney Hughes from Google for Entrepreneurs will be delivering a 3-hour in-depth & hands-on workshop devoted to Finding, Hiring and Onboarding Your Team.

In this session, Tawney will cover:

  • Google’s best practices for creating job descriptions, interviewing and selecting top candidates.
  • How to onboard your new employees, set them up for success, and create a strong team dynamic as your startup grows.
  • What it means to establish a strong foundation for your team using Google’s research on high-performing teams.


Tawney Hughes currently works on the Google for Entrepreneurs team as a Global Project Manager, bringing the best Google content to the startups they work with worldwide. She’s spent the last four years at Google creating, facilitating, and managing learning and development programs for over 10,000 employees globally in the areas of leadership development, management, HR practices, hiring, and innovation. Tawney is also a certified Co-Active coach, focusing on the areas of entrepreneurship, leadership, career development, and well-being.

This workshop is exclusively for TQ residents and is aimed at founders and HR representatives.