Community Meetup: #finance second edition

by TQ

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Community Meetup: #finance second edition

TQ Community Meetups aim to facilitate the development of our community by bringing together like-minded folks from an industry to share experiences and grow together.  

This community meetup will focus on finance and is hosted by Peter Strik of Starred. It will be an informal discussion for you to better understand the ‘IBSK’ (Innovatief BorgStellingsKrediet or Innovative Secured Credit), a new non-equity funding instrument. Following the event, drinks will be served in the club. This is a great opportunity to get to know other finance employees in TQ and exchange knowledge.

What to expect

  • The Content will focus on IBSK non-equity funding
  • We’ll mix presentations by a TQ resident that successfully secured IBSK funding with a representative of TQ founding partner ABN Amro:
  • Peter Strik is the Head of Finance at Starred, and will discuss the €1.5m IBSK funding round Starred closed in early 2017. Expect timelines, templates, and no-nonsense advice.
  • Stephan Ramb, the Relationship Manager for the tech sector of ABN Amro will join us to discuss how the bank evaluates IBSK applications. Expect process, eligibility criteria, payback models, and judgement criteria.
  • Following the two 15-minute presentations, there will be time for a moderated discussion and Q&A. We encourage you to ask both the presenters and other participants for advice, or share your own experience and best practices.
  •  After an hour of hard-core finance, we’ll end the session by having some beers!