Dynamic mindfulness workshop (online)

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Dynamic mindfulness workshop (online)

In light of recent COVID-19 measures, Ivar will be taking his Dynamic Mindfulness workshop online. These sessions will be held once a week, beginning on March 25. Considering the current situation, they will be donation-based, to aid Ivar in running his course. Any amount is welcome and he thanks you for continuing to support him and his work!

Long-lasting stress, without periods of healthy rest and recovery, gradually causes mental problems. These include anxiety, loss of energy, loss of interest in work, insomnia, burnout, and depression. Research has shown that stress can lead to mental health problems and burnout. Furthermore, sitting long hours without movement at work can cause serious health risks, a Harvard study shows.

To deal with stress and lack of movement at work, we might do yoga, meditation, and sports once or twice a week, before or after work, or during the weekend. However, we hardly practice mindfulness or movement during our hours at work, where we actually need it the most.

This is where the Dynamic Mindfulness Office Popup offers a solution. Dynamic Mindfulness combines easy, time-efficient, and highly effective mindfulness meditation with light physical exercise/movements which release the typical “office stress” areas (neck, shoulders, and back). It’s a guided group session of only 30 minutes. Practicing this meditation mid-day will leave you with its benefits for the rest of your workday.

Watch the #events channel on Slack for the donation and video links. 


Ivar van Hoorn is an all around stress specialist. He’s delivered company mindfulness coaching sessions at organizations like Gemeente Amsterdam, Salonized, Egon Zehnder, and pr.co. He also works as a chair massage therapist for Microsoft, Booking.com, and TQ. 

After a decade of working in the corporate film industry during the week and partying a little too much on the weekend, he got burnout and depression. In his quest for healing, he explored all kinds of meditation, yoga, and other movement practices. From 2008 to 2010, he lived and worked as a filmmaker, studied, and practiced in a Buddhist Community in Southern France. It's his goal and passion to bring mindfulness and movement into the workplace in an effective, efficient, accessible, and humorous way. 

With his latest company project TheMindBodyLAB, he developed Dynamic Mindfulness which combines meditation and movement “stress hacks” from the most effective, efficient, and accessible sources.