Dutch and Colombian Startup Ecosystem Meetup

by TNW X

TQ balcony

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Dutch and Colombian Startup Ecosystem Meetup

TNW X aims to develop relationships between The Netherlands and Colombia in the startup ecosystem. They believe active collaboration is key to innovation, therefore, they want to join forces with key stakeholders from both ecosystems to foster maximum potential, sharing each other’s best practices and strengths. 

TNW X want to be the matchmakers that make this possible. They have created a series of networking events and meetups to bring together all interested parts, from The Netherlands and Colombia, so they can get involved and receive all the information necessary to make this objective a reality.


  • Kick-off
  • Intro - Context, why are we here?
  • Columbian ecosystem - Innpulsa
  • Bogota ecosystem - Invest in Bogota
  • Medellin ecosystem - Ruta N
  • Cali Free Zone
  • Break
  • Case Dutch company in CO - Sana commerce
  • Startup Visa - Startup Delta
  • Startup Amsterdam - Amsterdam ecosystem
  • Dutch ecosystem - TNW
  • Little Demon - .CO/.NL Ecosystem. Online/offline platform
  • What's next?

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