Driving Business Results through Diversity

by TQ


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Driving Business Results through Diversity

In addition to broadening your horizons from a cultural standpoint, diversity in the workplace also serves to drive real business results. 

On 6th March, we'll be diving into this subject with speakers from Booking.com, TQ , Uber & Amplitude who have experienced the impact it can have first hand - both in terms of the upside of investing in diversity and the downside of not prioritizing it.

We'll begin with a talk from Lucie de Nooij, Team Lead Analytics at Booking.com, who has personally driven many diversity initiatives and was recently recognized as Booking.com's nominee for the Tech Play Maker Award for women who have disrupted and transformed businesses. Lucie will discuss the Glass Cliff Phenomenon and her personal observations on how stories about exclusion are almost always very personal, but they touch on larger themes which can be tackled.

Following the talk, more speakers will join Lucie on stage to form a panel discussion on the topic. We'll hear from:

  • Arik Day, Head of Diversity at TQ
  • Adelia Curtis Duarte, Head of Recruiting, EMEA at Uber 
  • Adrian Gregory, Amplitude’s Director of Customer Success, EMEA. 

The panel will be moderated by Tina Yazdi of Amplitude. Audience participation is encouraged! We'll finish with drinks and snacks sponsored by Amplitude.