Discover your unique talents through core quadrants

by Keen Folk


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Discover your unique talents through core quadrants

Passion, talent, and effort are all key elements for running a business - but that’s easier said than done. Passion for something comes innately. You can make the decision to put effort into your work, but understanding what your talents are can sometimes be difficult to grasp. Everyone is born with a set of core qualities or has developed them over the course of their life. This set of talents makes you unique, but it's not always easy to know what your talents are. 

The Core Quadrant tool is an effective way to make your core qualities visible. In this workshop, Keen Folk will explore this powerful tool and teach you how to apply this to yourself. By discovering your core qualities and creating your own core quadrants, you get a better understanding of your own talents and challenges in life, and of the people/clients you work with. The workshop will be hosted by Dennis Beentjes, co-founder and coach at the Mindbrouwerij.


  • How to discover your core qualities and understand the distortion of these qualities
  • How to work with challenges and difficult situations 
  • Why certain environments and people can be both energy drainers and your best teachers
  • How to communicate and profile yourself from a new perspective


Dennis Beentjes is the co-founder and coach at Mindbrouwerij. He has over 16 years of experience in the creative industry, working as a teacher, manager, marketer, and director in the private education sector.